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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Seas the day

stamps used:  SU So many shells
This is a multi step stamp set or two step stamping which I do like because of the great effect.  Now with these two cards I went waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy out of my comfort zone with the colors just for the fun of it.
I did a multi color card with the big shell ... not sure but think it is a conk shell ... anyone out there know for sure???   anyway like I said I went crazy with multi colors ... what do you think?  I like it but my favorite color combo is the greens.  Bet that is not a surprise to my friends who know I like to do green cards.  Pink is really not my color but matching it up a darker red color it is o.k.  enough said about pink.  
o.k. everyone out there Go out and Seas the Day!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fun circles

stamps used:  SU
I made these two cards from a friend's SU stamp set as a challenge.  don't remember the name of the set but it had a bunch of little stamps including this circle and rectangle patch stamps.  I took the circle and stamped it in black and made the circles into spiders ... added a gloopy border punch that is stamped with a halloween greeting...also added googly eyes.  next I stamped the circle with red ink and made them into ladybugs!  too cute.  I took a black pen and hand drew the ladybug details .... stamped the rectangle patch with the same red ink and stamped the hello from the same stamp set.  it was a fun challenge and I think will do it again.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Position that Fox!

stamp used:  stamp cabana
This is a beautifully detailed stamp that sometimes is a bit challenging to color.  With that in mind I decided to pull out an old tool of mine ... Stampa Rosa's two n' one Perfect Positioner.  I am not a fan of stamp positioners but when I bought this one years ago it was supposed to make it easy.  back in the day they used this type of positioner for what they were calling cartooning.

It is a bit bulky and I've never had the best of luck with it but I decided to pull it out before going out to purchase the new tool .... Misti.   I have to say it is still confusing and hard for me to use.
Anyway the cartooning is stamping the image with light color then coloring with favorite medium ... next stamp over the colored image with black ink to make it all pop.  if you look close at my example above you will see that I did not get it to exactly match up but it is o.k.  tried it a half a dozen times and all I did was waste paper, ink and my time!!!  this is just my opinion so please stamp positioner police don't come after me.  this tool of mine is being retired for good.  Misti here I come.  anyone know a place I can get one at a good price?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Faux grid again

all stamps by Unity stamp co.
I do like this Faux Grid technique as you can see here in this post.  I did three more cards using the sloth stamp set besides a few more of Unity's wonderful stamp images.  The only difference from the Halloween cards I did here is I changed up the color scheme so it is brighter.  you can also see video here or at Sue Wisniewski - YouTube .  hope you enjoy this technique as much as I do.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Winners of GIU girl week

I have emailed both of the winners.
It was fun to pick the names ... old school here.  I printed out all the names that commented on my blog all last week then had my son pick two of the strips of papers. 
Congratulations to Josette Stewart and LL
Both of you please get back to me with your information (as I mentioned in emails) as soon as possible so I can send it over to Unity for your grab bag prize.
Thank you to Unity for the opportunity to share all your wonderful stamps to the world.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Day 5 - GIU girl - Bleach it!

stamps used:  Hug stamp set by Unity stamp co.
supplies used:  bleach, q-tips
This is Day 5 of my GIU girl guest blogging ... that means it's the last day, and I wanted to Thank Unity for giving me the opportunity this week to be one of their guest bloggers.
For today I went down to the basement where our washing machine is so I could get the bleach.  Earlier this week I raided the kitchen, and today it's the laundry supplies.  To start off I stamped and embossed the big flower from the Hug stamp set.  Next, I do what I call select bleaching by dipping a q-tip into bleach then using that q-tip as a paint brush to paint the bleach inside the flower.  As you can see I did this technique on several colors of cardstock because each one comes out different.  After the bleached out flower dries you see the color of the core of the cardstock.  The two most dramatic ones were the rust and light blue cardstocks ... the rust came out yellow and the light blue cardstock came out to a pinky white color.  I finished the cards by using the rest of the background images from the same stamp set, added some ribbon and other embellishments.  
***Don't forget to comment to be included into the drawing for the Unity stamp grab bag prize of 25 stamps.  I will be picking two winners from all the comments this week.  Please be sure to leave a current email in comment so I can contact the winners.***
Thank you for visiting my blog this week.  Next week I will be back to posting once or twice a week so please come back soon.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day 4 - GIU girl - Wax paper crunch w/video

all stamps by Unity stamp co.
supplies:  wax paper, ink pads, prisma color pencils
Day 4 here for my guest spot for Unity GIU girl and today we will be raiding the kitchen.  The kitchen, you say, yes I go and find that wax paper hiding in that drawer or cabinet and bring it to your craft space to create easy and fun backgrounds.  Ripped off a piece of wax paper, crunch it into a ball then tap it into ink pad and tap it onto card.  viola!  that's it!  please go try it and see if you don't have fun with wax paper.  
Watch video here in this post or at Sue Wisniewski - YouTube 
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Thank you for stopping by.  come back again soon.***  

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Day 3 - GIU girl - Faux Grid w/video

all stamps used by Unity stamp co.
supplies:  eraser, ruler, Pebbles art chalks, cotton balls
It's day 3 for my guest spot here at GIU girl week.  I hope you are having as much fun as I am this week.
I call this Faux grid technique because you are creating grids but there are no actual lined grids.  Simply done but applying color with chalks and erasing chalk lines with eraser.  Simple, right? right!  As you can see I went a little crazy with this technique...had a lot of fun creating a bunch of Halloween cards.  If you know me that is my favorite type of cards to make.  Have fun with this technique and if you try it please come back and let me know so I can see what you did.
 You can watch my video here in this post or at Sue Wisniewski - YouTube

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Day 2 - GIU girl - Dominoes

stamps used:  Unity stamps
supplies:  dominoes, Colorbox chalk inks, Brilliance black ink, glitter, beads, black cord/thick bakers twine, key rings, charms, glossy accents
Welcome back for day 2 of my GIU girl week.
Today I will be mixing it up a bit by not making any cards ... yes, you heard me no cards today.  Today we are playing with dominoes.  I took ordinary dominoes added some inks, stamped on them ... made them into necklaces and key ring holders.  The main thing to remember is to use a permanent ink and heat set after each color or the color will smear and rub off.  After all the ink is dry I stamped the image with Brilliance black ink which also needs to be heat set to become permanent.  Don't forget to also add color to the sides and back.  Once you are satisfied with the color and stamping ... squirt on some glossy accents and spread it all over the domino.  I just used my finger to do this step but if you don't want to use your finger you can use a sponge.  Now is the time to add glitter or charms to your stamped domino ... the glitter or charms will glue to domino because of the glossy accents.  The glossy accents has to dry on it's own which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours depending how thick it is applied.  Did I forget to mention that my dominoes have holes drilled in them in order to thread the black cording for the necklaces and key rings.  Just for a little added something, something I wrapped some thick baker's twine around half of the key ring plus added a few beads to the necklaces.
***Don't forget to comment each day to be included into the drawing for the Unity stamp grab bag prize at the end of the week.  Not one but two winners will be picked!  Please leave a current email in your comment so I can contact you if you win.*** 
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Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 1 - GIU girl - Black Magic w/video

Black Magic technique
I'm happy to be a Growing in Unity (GIU) girl this week.  All week I will be sharing my love of stamping featuring Unity stamps.  Please comment each day because at the end of the week I will be picking two winners from all the comments posted. Please leave a current email in comment so I can contact you if you win.  The prize is a grab bag of stamps from Unity stamp co..
The Black Magic technique has been around for years but I've just added brown and blue to the technique.  I like to use Prisma color pencils for this technique plus I changed it up just a little by doing it on different color cardstocks.  Basically you stamp the images with white pigment ink then color on top of the white pigment (after it is dry) ink with color pencils.
check out my video here in this post or at Sue Wisniewski - YouTube

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A heads up ...

stamps used:  Unity stamps
In the title I said this is a heads up on what will be on my blog all week starting Monday September 25th ... I will be guest blogging everyday for GIU (Growing in Unity) girl ... five posts with three videos.  I also wanted to let you know that if you comment on one or all the posts during the week you will be included in a drawing for a Unity grab bag of 25 stamps.  That's it for now see you starting Monday!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Another cup of tea

stamps used:  my hand carved tea cup, sayings by My Sentiments exactly,  Stampington and Co.
Here are some more tea cards I created with my hand carved tea cup.  It's fun to go back and bring life to an old image and that is what I did with this image.  hope you like it.